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The Horse Sale Hangover-A Letter of Reflection & Appreciation

Hello, horse sale family!

Just wanted to send out a note of appreciation to all of you before the year ends. We all know this year has definitely been one for the books. If anything, this year has shown us how those in the western world are full of grit and perseverance. Talk about a group of people banding together to help each other not only survive through a difficult time, but to actually thrive when the odds are stacked against us.

When Covid really kicked off in March, it was a gut punch when we had to cancel our spring sale. With the times and situation being so unprecedented, it was hard to know what to do. Through all of this, one thing that really struck a chord was how there are so many people, especially ones that are in charge of governing us, that are so disconnected from our way of life. This year we have repeatedly been told to "stay home and hunker down". Well, the only "hunkering down" our world knows is when it pertains to getting on that one that you know you probably oughtta grab a hold and hunker down if you're going to get him ridden. Hunkering down and collecting a $1200 check from the government isn't going to even cover the feed bill for a month for a lot of people. Yet, we were told to cancel events that we rely on for survival. But, if you know our fearless leader, Steve Friskup, you're going to have a hard time telling him he can't do something!

Come June, Charlie and Steve opted to have the summer sale. This sale came with a boat load of changes. Talk about completely flipping what was known as the Clovis Horse Sale! We not only had to leave New Mexico, but we left part of our history of Clovis Livestock as well. We were blessed with God crossing our paths with amazing people in Levelland, TX that made everything fall into place with an essentially seamless transition to a new facility that is the Mallet Event Center. It doesn’t hurt that office manager, Karen, knows how to roll with the punches and make things happen, too! We will always hold onto the history and the background of Clovis Horse Sales coming from the Clovis Livestock Auction sale barn. We all have great memories of that old sale barn and will never forget where we started and came from.

If our June sale taught us anything, it was that sellers and buyers alike were ready and willing to keep supporting the horse industry. We had a phenomenal sale. Our high seller was from the McKibbens for $40,000. We had a really good set of horses for our Ranch Horse Competition and our Team Roping. Our August sale rolled around which included another Team Roping Session. Our consignors brought an impressive set of horses. Our top seller came from the Morris family for $42,000. We had, yet again, another excellent selling average and were so pleased with the success for our consignors. To round out our year of sales was the winter sale in November. We had a high-quality set of horses in our Breeders Futurity and our Team Roping Futurity. We had another awesome McKibben horse sell for $47,000 this sale. We have been so blessed that people bring their very best horse flesh to CHS and entrust us to get them sold.

Not only has our horse sale side grown, but we have also grown as an entire event. We now have a really great variety and selection of vendors, which keeps growing every sale. The City of Levelland and The Mallet Event Center, along with their personnel, have really allowed us to grow in other areas this year.

2020 has not been a year for the faint of heart. There has been a lot of really hard life lived, a lot of life lost, and a lot of lives changed. We are grateful for the positive changes that we have been blessed with in this difficult year, and we thank the Lord for blessing us with these changes and we thank Him for the growing pains. We also thank the Lord for all of you and how you have blessed us by making Clovis Horse Sales what it is.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2021!

God Bless!

Kelsy Ratliff

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